Toxin Buster - Natural Safe Effective Daily Detox Charcoal

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"The world’s best biological clean up system. "
- Keith Foster PhD, FLS

The Most Effective Detox and Cleanse

The naturally active hardwood charcoal in TOXIN BUSTER capsules is probably the world's most effective digestive aid and daily detox product. It bonds to toxins and intestinal gases in the gut, neutralizing them and removing them from the system.

  • Calms and conditions the gut - settles tummy upset
  • Removes gas and bloating, wind and wind pain
  • Reduces bowel irritation and headaches
  • Reduces acidity and acid reflux
  • Reduces aches and pains in the joints - improves complexion of the skin

TOXIN BUSTER charcoal has been acclaimed by many sufferers with digestive problems as being 'an absolute godsend'.

TOXIN BUSTER charcoal is a health food additive which can improve digestion, reduce wind, remove toxins from the system and, as part of a balanced diet, help maintain optimum health.

Charcoal has been used throughout history to settle the digestion and as an antidote to poison.

TOXIN BUSTER charcoal is not a medicine and is not a replacement for prescribed medicines; it is simply an excellent digestive supplement.

Because our food supply is now processed and treated with a range of pesticides and preservatives like never before, it's essential to have to hand a health food additive which helps rebalance the system.

A Brief History & Explanation of Charcoal & ‘Activated’ Charcoal

Charcoal is naturally active/adsorbent and has a long history of use as a filter, as an adsorbent, and as an antidote to poisons. Historical records of its use in these areas and others go far back into history as early as 1500 BC in Egypt. Hippocrates, circa 400 BC and then Pliny, AD 50 recorded the use of charcoal in a wide range of applications, and the principal use appears to have been to adsorb unpleasant odours, and gas/smells from within the intestinal tract. Traditionally, charcoal would have been made from wood or bones.

It has been used as a folk remedy as far back as recorded history. North American Indians used charcoal for the treatment of gas pains long before our forefathers went to that continent. Homeopathic physicians have used charcoal throughout the world for more than 200 years.

Carbo animalis (animal charcoal) and carbo vegetabilis or carbo ligni (wood charcoal) have been carried in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the United States with the description that these substances have "marked adsorptive power of gases." Charcoal is rated in Category I (safe and effective) status by the FDA for acute toxic poisoning and is used similarly in the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the world. Allergies to charcoal have not been reported and it is inexpensive, harmless, and easily used. Charcoal was an official remedy in the Pharmacopoeia for at least 100 years. However, it fell into general disuse in medicine following the rapid and phenomenal growth of the drug industry.

‘Activated’ (also known as medicinal) charcoal is new to mammals and our civilization. It was created initially for industrial use and commercial production of powdered activated carbon began in Europe in the early 19th century when it was widely used in the sugar industry. It is made from charcoal (using coconut shells primarily), which has been subjected to the man-made processes of extreme high temperature steam and acid washing, to produce super adsorbents. Its use in other applications spread rapidly when it was accidentally discovered that it was effective in decolourising liquids. Industrial scale production began in the early part of the 20th century and the products are known as PAC (powered activated carbon) or GAC (granular activated carbon). Both are highly super adsorbents and, depending on the raw material used (e.g. nut shells), some can be even more so.

TOXIN BUSTER charcoal is made from hardwoods (sustainably sourced) and is naturally ‘active’ and adsorbent. It is not ‘activated’ and is the type of charcoal we and other mammals have evolved with over the millennia. Its long legacy and history of safe and benign use stands witness to its efficacy.

How to Take Toxin Buster

1. How do I take TOXIN BUSTER™?
3-4 capsules at bedtime with a 500ml glass of water.

2. What are the optimum times for taking TOXIN BUSTER™?
The guide is really just at bedtime, as the body is relaxed and so the digestive system can process the charcoal more efficiently, particularly if your most recent meal has been digested. An empty stomach allows the charcoal to move through the system unhindered, and allows the charcoal to draw the toxins out of the body. Some people however like to take TOXIN BUSTER™ with a biscuit.

3. How much charcoal will a complete treatment consume?
Everybody is different, but most people notice benefits within a few days of taking TOXIN BUSTER™. As the benefits are so wide-ranging, many people like to continue taking TOXIN BUSTER™ as a prophylactic, and as part of a healthy diet, and to support their immune system with regular doses of TOXIN BUSTER™, even if the initial reason for taking the charcoal has resolved..

4. Does it have any known side effects?
As with many natural approaches to healthcare, a healing reaction (or Herxheimer reaction) can sometimes occur, whereby existing symptoms can seem worse before they start to improve. Although in some cases this can seem difficult or embarrassing to deal with, it is a good sign that the charcoal is working, and many people soon find improvement, and symptoms eradicate.

If you find you are experiencing any adverse symptoms from taking TOXIN BUSTER™, please let us know.


Ingredients: 250mg C60 Hardwood Charcoal (pure burnt hardwood) per capsule. The vegan capsule is made from potato starch.