Kapha Dosha - Organic Ayurvedic Tea - Energizing (Loose Tea) - Ayurvedic Weight Loss

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Vegan: Yes
non-GMO: Yes
Gluten-Free: Yes
Caffeine-Free: Yes
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Why We Love It

Helps to balance Kapha Dosha. According to the timeless wisdom of the ancient Indian system of healthcare called  Ayurveda, when Kapha Dosha is balanced one feels energized, alert, and joyful.

This is a great ayurvedic tea for weight loss, as a balanced kapha helps to maintain one's healthy weight. When kapha is out of balance, weight gain may occur.

  • Loose organic herbs - brew like loose leaf tea
  • All organic ingredients
  • 100% Caffeine-Free
  • Balances Kapha dosha
  • Delicious spicy - sweet flavor
  • Antioxidant herb infused
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in USA

Our organic ayurvedic tea for kapha is made according to traditional ayurvedic texts to help balance kapha ddosha, which regulates weight, body tissues, and structure. According to ancient ayurvedic texts, this formula will help when there are excessive feelings of depression, heaviness, and will assist the body to naturally remove toxins in a gentle way.

Health Benefits

An imbalanced Kapha Dosha makes one feel lethargic, and inactive. This herbal tea is prepared according to ayurvedic principles to bring back Kapha to balance. Once Kapha is balanced, one feels lighter, more energetic, and optimistic about life.

How to Brew

Brewing is easy. You can boil 1 tablespoon of herbs for every 1 cup of water, then strain before drinking. Or you can use a coffee press to brew it for 5 minutes. Enjoy the organic goodness!


Ingredients: Organic licorice, Organic ginger, Organic Tulsi, Organic cinnamon, Organic sarsparilla, Organic anise, Organic fennel, Organic cardamom, Organic clove, Organic Black Pepper

  • All organic ingredients
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in USA